Blank Inside

by Andy and the Mutts

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This is Andy and the Mutts sophomore album.
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Andy Ketch - Guitar, Drums, Vocals
Timothy Blakely - Bass, Vocals

Produced by Timothy Blakely and Andy Ketch
Engineered and mixed by Timothy Blakely
'Matthew DeVoll' written by Timothy Blakely
Other songs written by Andy Ketch
Mastering done by Timmer Blakely at Oasis Studios
Cover photo taken by Katie Mortimer


released September 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Andy and the Mutts Portland, Oregon

Just a few whiz kids playin tunes.

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Track Name: Intro (Ms. Ledesma Doesn't Listen to Punk)
I don't care much about you, baby
I don't care about what you got to say
You live at an unforgiving place
And I know it will wont forgive you
Track Name: Animal Farm
I know there's not much we can do
About the way they treat me and treat you
There's not much that we can say
About the world we live in today

I'm tired of being neglected
By the ones i'm begging for attention
Looking past their cold dead stare
All I can say is that much is fair

I wish it weren't this way
So many other ways to be
Destroy your machines of decay
And then you'll be free

There's so much pain found around here
Destroy your mask that much will be quite clear
I'm so tired of the same old place
Soon enough we'll make our escape

I really wish it weren't this way
So many other ways to be
Destroy your machines of decay
And then we'll be free
Track Name: Slow Down
You think the world's going to end
Trying to make these years your best
Sensationalize the end
Why don't you lay down and rest
And slow down

The Apostles had their doubts
You too have had your share
Trying to figure what its all about
Trying to outrun the fear
But slow down

Yes you too will have to die
But unlike him you will not rise
Slow Down
Slow Down
Track Name: Matthew DeVoll
Taking a stroll (down Texas road)
Bleached hair and ukulele (ready to go)

Enjoying the summer heat
Sunglasses up in his hair

Matthew Devoll is really great
Just because we made this song doesn't mean that we're freaks
(wicked guitar solo!)
Track Name: Gresham, Oregon
The past is tired of seeing my face
And i'm about to burn down this place
How am I to grow old

I see you're still hanging around
Gresham, Oregon is not where i'm bound
Walk right past death's door
Track Name: Politician
That man, he programmed
You to deceive to win the fight
To wander, and to search
For someone to raise you right

You call, to your master
And you crawl right up to him
And he doesn't even answer
Looks to you as a bastards sin

The face of Washington
The mind of a juvenile
They're both just fighting
For something to do worth while

That band, they're called Death
And they really had it right
They look straight at you
You're just a politician in their eyes

And none of it's really your fault
But soon enough you'll take the fall

(wack-o guitar solo)

And none of it's really your fault
But soon enough you'll take the fall

Soon this world
Will just toss you to the side
With your deceit and your lies
It's just white noise in their minds

And I hope this on no one
On no child including you
And I hope in good time
You find out just what to do
Track Name: Senseless Years
I know it can be so hard
To realize where you are
You told me last June
You'll get out of here and get out soon

And I hope you know it's true
What they brand you isn't you
And I know you'll face the facts
This place has got what you don't lack

I know you sense the truth
These senseless years will be behind us soon
So soon we'll be so free
With the open roads and the open sea

And I hope you realize
These words they hold no lies
And I know you'll be set free
Your bonds will shake loose as they did with me
Track Name: Burma
I know you love him
But does he feel the same
When he uses those words
To defile your name

Why do you let him
Treat you so bad
I see in your eyes
Pain I guess I don't understand

It will all be over soon
You'll leave him in this tomb
That is this city

I see the tears
Stream down your face
After he says what your father
Would never say

He's just a broken boy
Beat and confused
Brought on by the demons
He tries to kill them with fumes

He doesn't know why
You leave him to die
He's just killing himself
With his own self-righteousness

He's searching for something
No man can provide
You know he's just wanting
To look straight into God's eyes

You'll get along
Find some strength in this song
And finally be free
Away from this place